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Renaissance Faires
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 SandStorm provides unique opportunities for children of all ages to explore color, design, creativity, & inspiration as they create one-of-a-kind sand art projects & functional candles. We sell at the 3 main Renaissance faires in Texas: Sherwood Forest Faire, Scarborough Renaissance Festival, & the Texas Renaissance Festival as well as numerous libraries as part of their summer reading & craft programs.

Sand Art

We provide over 20 vibrant colors of sand. Using hand-cut bamboo scoops, the artists pour & fill unique bottles in endless designs & patterns. We provide containers from tiny potion bottle necklaces to large decanters. Bottles are sealed with corks at renaissance shows & screw-tops at modern events.

Make-Your-Own Candle Art

We provide 8+ colors of granulated wax (some scented) to get our artists’ creative juices flowing as they fill containers in a myriad of designs & layers. Once the containers are filled, we insert a wick & melt the top layer of wax. The finished candles cool quickly & are bagged & tied closed for safe transport. These candles burn quite nicely with plenty of airflow thru the granules.

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