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Wolf Lodge Enterprises - Bastrop, Texas

Honoring the Father thru art from the heart - the artists of the Wolf Lodge family

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On the afternoon of September 3rd, 2011, Wolf Lodge was completely destroyed by the wildfire which came to be known as the Bastrop Complex Fire. Our beloved home was one of the first of 1554 homes lost in a conflagration which burned for nearly a month before being completely extinguished. We escaped the flames with our dogs & what small things we could throw into the vehicles.


Wolf Lodge Enterprises was also a total loss, so we find ourselves lost but hopeful, crushed but resilient, faithful but pragmatic. The forest we treasured is gone for the rest of our lives: one does not replace 60+ year old pines & 100 year old oaks in what years we have left to be upright.


We will abide & rise anew: our new house stands on the same foundation as the lost home. FEMA is gone & we still have much to do to complete the build. As for Wolf Lodge Enterprises, it has had to wait until we can afford the time & energy to begin creating again. Until then, your prayers are welcome.

Blessings & Light,Michael & Laura